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Bloomington, IN

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Summer Session: June 17 - August 26, 2017


Spring Session
Orientation - April 1
Nutrition Seminar - April 2
5 Week Testing - May 6
Final Testing and Celebration - June 10

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10 Week Challenge

Our Spring Session is underway. The Summer Session will begin on June 17th. Enrollment will be open soon!

When enrolling in the challenge, each student receives 60 instructor led classes, 3 testing events (baseline, 5 week, final), before/after photos, nutrition planning, coaching, boxing gloves and wraps and a student manual. Note that the before/after photos are done in a private setting and no one sees the photos unless you are the winner. At the end of the challenge we have a party where we will announce the winner of the $1,000 prize which is based upon whomever has the most significant transformation. It's a celebration of everyone's hard work.

Students also have the option of utilizing our Heart Rate Tracking system (MYZONE) which monitors individual effort during the workouts. Learn more --> MYZONE video

We offer classes at 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM and 6:30PM Monday - Friday. When enrolling students select a "home class time". On Saturdays classes are offered in the mornings only so even those who are in an evening class during the week will attend a morning class on Saturday. Classes run about 45 minutes.

Look around this web-site for additional information about our program and also visit our Facebook page. If you would like to try out a kickboxing or strength training class, click on Setup a Visit at the top of the page.

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Local News

Farrell’s is a Life-Changer!

FIT Member Ben has experienced struggles with weight from being overweight to not weighing enough. Check out his story and how Farrell's taught him how to live a realistic and healthy lifestyle.

April Member Highlight

Julia just completed her 10 Week Challenge as part of the Winter Session in Bloomington. She is now a FIT Member and continues to work on her health and fitness goals. Julia shared a little bit of her story with us and we thought it was worth passing on. The Farrell's program transforms not only the body but the mind!

Farrell's Gave Me Myself Back!

I have more energy and motivation than I have had in a very long time. Because of this program, my husband has the woman that he married back, my children have a mom who doesn’t want to just lay around on the couch, but instead wants to go outside and play games and chase after them. They have a mom who is even a little less irritable when times get chaotic.

Our TeamMeet Our Team

I knew I needed to do something for a long time however I never found the motivation to get started. After seeing a coworkers before and after pictures and seeing the transformation made me wonder, could I do that? So I joined Farrell's and completed my 10 Week Challenge December 2015. Well after starting Farrell's, it became more than just a workout, it became more of a lifestyle. The owners and other members made me want to keep coming back. They were kind, motivating and pushed me just the right amount. They became my workout family. Now I am feeling healthier & stronger then I have for a long time. And icing on the cake, I'm losing inches off my waist and can see muscle definition in my arms. And now when I don't go to class I feel a little sad inside. And yes, I can do it. I did do it, I am doing it.

I began my 10-week challenge in October 2015. I was three months post c-section and needed to get back to exercising and physically pushing myself again. I have always enjoyed exercising and was in pretty good shape before getting pregnant and I was anxious to get back to that. I never expected to get stronger, leaner, and more fit than I was pre-baby, but I did! I love this program because it is for everyone, no matter your size or fitness level. You push yourself to YOUR own Level 10 with friendly guidance and support. And the nutrition plan is something you make into a lifestyle - it's definitely sustainable long-term! I am excited to see new faces join this program and to see what they can accomplish. And I am honored to be a member, instructor, and example for this program!
Jackson completed his 10 Week Challenge in the Winter 2016 session. He is now a coach.
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Life at Level 10®Follow Our Blog

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Blog

Farrell’s is a Life-Changer!

FIT Member Ben has experienced struggles with weight from being overweight to not weighing enough. Check out his story and how Farrell's taught him how to live a realistic and healthy lifestyle.

I Hold My Head Up High Because of Farrell’s!

Although the physical results are great, they are not what I treasure most about this journey. What I treasure the most is the mental transformation I have made. I feel like a whole new person. I have energy, I sleep better, I am happier and my self-confidence is evident in everything I do.



10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • $1,000 Contest


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Location Info

430 S. Landmark Ave
Bloomington, IN 47403

Phone: (812) 822-2712
Head Coach: Teresa Geary
Email: teresageary@extremebodyshaping.com
Franchise Owner: Purple Band Fitness LLC
Email: pamgreen@extremebodyshaping.com